Recommended Online Virtual Rituals

Make a Sacred Space’ in your day, praying with the help of scripture chosen every day and on-screen guidance. Sacred Space by the Irish Jesuits

Guide to Ignatius Spirituality: Exlplore, learn, and practice the Jesuity Way. Ignatius Spirituality

One Minute Homilies. Playlist of One Minute Homilies
Music video by Jesuit scholastic and rapper Michael A. Martinez, S.J. Mask Off God

Michael’s journey from the profane to the sacred. Rap: Unmasking Hidden Holiness
A Moving Poem by Michael Martínez, SJ. Open Hands
“Come Pray the Rosary” is a unique prayer site where you can either join in a continuous praying of the rosary with others around the world or you may choose to recite individual Mysteries from the beginning. Come Pray the Rosary

A reflective meditation while walking virtually through a labyrinth. Labyrinth

A new Papal virtual prayer site: Click to Pray